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Outdoor Rapid Speed Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Systems

Color Camera System, Rapid motion, Weatherproof.
See in complete darkness up to 600 feet.
DVD Quality Video Camera.

Color Camera System, Laser Illuminator, Wiper,
  See 600 feet in complete darkness.
Laser Illuminator and camera Windshield Wiper.

Free images, manuals, movies and data.
Rapid PTZ camera, joystick with color monitor, cables, mounting bracket, shock-absorbing ring, power supplies, accessories and instructions.
Ready to use Read more
See all four Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Systems on one page.
Model # CL3653
Price: $3650.00
See movie Standard features for All our Pan Tilt Zoom Systems include:  
Ready to use, no splicing or soldering wires.
Day and Night Weatherproof Head with Motorized Rapid Motion, 360° Continuous Pan and 180° Tilt.
You can pan and tilt at the same time making diagonal movements.
DVD Quality Color Camera with 36X Optical Zoom lens.
3-Axis PTZ Joystick Controller with built-in 3.5 inch Video Color Screen.
120 feet long power and video Cable connecting the joystick to the PTZ camera.
Wall mounting bracket and a Shock-Absorbing-Ring for an observation vehicle.
Power Supplies, Accessories and Instruction Manual.

Weatherproof Rapid motion Pan Tilt Zoom, Night and Day, Outdoor Color Camera System, DVD Quality Video Camera,
with controller, Infrared Laser Illuminator, cable & power supplies. See in complete darkness up to 600 feet.
PTZ Camera with Laser Illuminator
360° continuous Pan 180° Tilt.
Weatherproof Rapid motion Pan Tilt Zoom, Night and Day, Outdoor Color Camera System
6 feet of flex cable,
6 feet of flex cable, connects to the rotating part.
120 foot long cable
120 foot long cable
Joystick & Keyboard Controller. 3.5" Color Screen.3 Axis Joystick, touch sensitive and speed variable.Joystick & Keyboard Controller.
3.5" Color Screen.
3 Axis Joystick, touch sensitive and speed variable.
You get it all
with this system.
The shockmount base electrically isolates the camera from the vehicle
24 VAC 40 VA power supply for the motor. 12 VDC at 500 mA power supply
Shock-mount base for observation vehicles.
Power supplies for the motor & controller.
Comes ready to use, no customer splicing wires or soldering necessary. You can pan and tilt at the same time, you can make diagonal movements. Ask the competition if they sell the necessary cables to make their pan tilt work.
CL3653 Pan Tilt Zoom, Night & Day, Weatherproof, Laser, Color Camera 3650.00
36X optical zoom, 530 TVL
What you get with this system:
Rapid motion Pan Tilt Zoom Camera.
360° continuous Pan Rotation / 180° Tilt Rotation.
120' of Cable for Video, Power & Pan Tilt Zoom.
Weatherproof Outdoor housing with sunshades.
3 Axis Joystick Keyboard Controller touch sensitive and speed variable.
Shock-mount base for mounting on vehicle.
Infrared Laser Illuminator.
5" Color Quad LCD Screen in Controller.
Wiper Function.
6 feet of flex cable.
2 power supplies.
Weight: 12 Lbs

NEW Heavy Duty Laser PTZ System, Low power Consumption, Weatherproof construction, 360° Pan Rotation, 180° Tilt Rotation, IP 66.
Manufacturers Specifications:
Product Features :
High Intensity Laser Beam IR illumination, Range up to 600 ft.
Low Power Consumption, See in complete darkness.
Ideal for Bad Environment and long distances
Weatherproof construction, Anti corrosion, IP66,
Die cast aluminum , Anti-shock , wiper function
360° panoramic rotation, 180° Vertical rotation
128 Preset positions with 6 cruise tracks
AC 24V Power Supply


Pick-up Device:
Active Pixels:
Horizontal Resolution:
Scanning Frequency:
Scanning System:
Sync. System:
S/N Ratio:
White Balance:
Video Output:
Focal & Iris:
High Resolution Color Camera
1/4" Exview HAD CCD
752(H) x 582(V)
530 TVL
15.625 kHz(H) 50 Hz
2:1 Interlace
> 50 dB
Auto / Manual
1.0 Vp-p (75 U BNC)
Auto / Manual
Mini Illumination:
Electronic Shutter:
Focal Length:
Zoom: Total
Zoom: Optical
Zoom: Digital
0.7 LUX (WDR)
1/50~1/10000 s
f=3.4~122.4 mm
432 X
36 X
12 X
Mechanism Parameter:
Preset Pan Speed:
Preset Tilt Speed:
Manual Pan Speed:
Manual Tilt Speed:
Pan Range:
Tilt Range:
Preset Position & Cruising Track:
Power Supply:
Operating Temperature:
Relative Humidity:
+88° ~ -87°
128 (MAX) , 6 Tracks
Multiprotocol, RS485
AC 24 V
7 Kg
(-35° C ~ +55° C)
* Pictures and specifications are subject to change without prior notice
3 Axis Joystick & Keyboard Controller
3 Axis Joystick & Keyboard Controller
3.5" Color Quad LCD Screen, 4 Channel Processor, OSD Menu (on screen display menu) , 4 Channel Looping Camera Video Output.
Joystick & Keyboard Controller. 3.5" Color Screen.3 Axis Joystick, touch sensitive and speed variable. side view

Key Features

* 3.5 inch Color LCD Screen
* 4 Channel Processor
* OSD Menu On Screen Display Menu
* 4 Channel Looping Camera Video Output
* Multiprotocol Baud Rate Range: 2400~19200 Bps
* RS485 RS232 Output
* DC12V
* Video Output with BNC connector
* 4 Video Inputs with BNC connectors
* Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 3 inches

Zoom, Pan, Tilt, or focus the camera easily with the push of a button or the joystick.
Set up to 1024 preset points or begin automatic tours.
This keyboard works with PELCO-D and PELCO-P PTZ Protocols.
16 total Protocol Communications
The Controller has 4 video inputs and can show you individual camera pictures.
The Controller has 3-Axis Joystick Control (Pan, Tilt and Zoom from the Joystick Control), and also has an on-screen menu and other indications for camera number, etc.
Maximun Communication Distance: 1200m 3900 feet

PTZ Speed Dome Keyboard
The Controller keyboard can be used to control the Panning, Tilting and Zooming of your PTZ Cameras. The keyboard will even store memory preset locations so that you can use 1 touch to bring the PTZ camera to a remembered position.
Control up to 64 PTZ Cameras
Simply connect cameras in parallel on the RS-485 control wires then switch between the cameras on the keyboard.

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The shockmount base electrically isolates the camera from the vehicle

The shockmount base stops vehicle vibration from damaging the PTZ Camera and extends it's life.
The shockmount base electrically isolates the camera from the vehicle.

What You Get.
What You Get.
Note this image has the old jovstick controller. The current joystick controller is at the top of this page.

Sun shields increase the ambient temperature that this camera can operate in.
Wiper Function make's a great deal of difference in rainy areas.
480 TVL,
480 Television Lines is a High resolution TV picture.
530 TVL
, 530 Television Lines is a DVD resolution picture. DVD Quality Video.
WDR, Wide Dynamic Range
normalizes the overly dark & overly bright areas of your picture into a uniform video image.
Good for the most difficult lighting conditions such as a sunrise, sunset and dark shade on a bright days.
FCB-EX SONY Color Block Cameras FCB-High Definition Series Color Block Camera.
LED Infrared Illuminator's
allow you to see up to 300 feet.
Laser Infrared Illuminator's
allow you to see up to 600 feet.
Thermal image Thermal imagers provide the user with an image, even in complete darkness"seeing" the amount of heat (or thermal energy) an object emits. Infrared energy is invisible to the human eye.
Advanced backlight compensation technology that dramatically improves the camera dynamic range (128x) to produce high-contrast images.

Advanced slow AE response function provides clear images even when lighting conditions abruptly change in the monitored areas.
Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP). This powerful combination enables these cameras to reproduce clear and detailed images at an extremely high horizontal resolution of 530 TV lines.
Zoom lens, choice of a 36x and 18x
Coming soon new functions and some current functions such as Spherical Privacy Zone Masking with Mosaic Effect, Video Motion Detection, and Multi-Line On-Screen Display, e-Flip, Picture Freeze, and Auto ICR.
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