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Compare backlash between a low and a high end motor.


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See the common, cheap, low end pan tilt motor with backlash.

Compare backlash between a cheap and a high end motor.
See the high end pan tilt motor with no backlash.
'Cheap motor' what to look for.
Motion is jumpy not smooth.
'Good motor' what to look for.
Motion is smooth not jumpy.
The cheap motor motion flops just past the center vertical position. The rest of the motion is the same.
This jump or flop is easiest to see by looking at the very top of the picture. You can see this jump as the motor crosses the center point both moving from left to right and moving from right to left.
The good motor motion is smooth at all positions.
The videos show two motors mounted on top of each other. The top motor is the same motor in each video and is used as a 17 pound weight acting as a load for the bottom motor.
The bottom motor is different in each video even though they look the same.
The bottom motor on the left cost much less than the bottom motor on the right.
The backlash performance of the motor on the left is much worse than the motor on the right.
Be careful, jumpy motors produce jumpy pictures.
Backlash is unintended clearance between mating components, sometimes described as the amount of lost motion due to slackness when movement is reversed and contact is reestablished. A similar effect is the taking up of slack when a train starts to pull away at the station and each car bumps as its link becomes tight. Backlash can send shocks through the whole system and can damage teeth and other components.
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All about Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) CCTV cameras are affordable and offer better performance then ever.
Pan Tilt Zoom surveillance cameras are used by Government, large corporations, casinos and consumers. Other uses include Mast Aerial Photography.
PTZ cameras rotate horizontally through 360 degrees, vertically through 90 degrees and have motorized optical zoom lenses. A camera turret, positioner or a motorized swivel is similar to a pan-tilt head. Bescor.
Pan Tilt movement can be very fast and is controlled through a wired (or wireless) connection, by the mating controller. PTZ cameras are often mounted in domes, outdoor dome cameras are weatherproofed, heated and cooled. Heavy duty Turning Devices are also called Turret Units and rotators.
Call and ask how to do it, how to use it or what is it.
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