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12 VDC Battery Kit

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12 Volt DC, 7.2 Amp hour, Rechargeable Battery Kit   12 Volt DC, 7.2 Amp hour, Rechargeable Battery Kit   Free images, manuals, movies and data.
Purchase Includes: Rechargeable Battery, Charger Power Supply and 4 power cord accessories, Battery cord, DC break-out cord, DC splitter cord, 30 foot long DC extension cable and Instruction sheet.
12 Volt DC battery has a standard cigarette lighter socket connector, two belt loops used for wearing on your waist and an adjustable shoulder strap. The 120 VAC battery charger has a cigarette lighter socket connector.
Model # 12VDC-7A
Price: $175.00
12 Volt DC, 7.2 Amp hour, shoulder and belt pack battery, with battery charger & 3 power cord accessories. Model # 12VDC-7A
Battery system includes;
*12 Volt DC 7.2 Ampere-hour battery with a standard 2.1 mm male power connector (the same as most AC-DC adapter power supplies).
*Two belt loops used for wearing on your waist.
*Adjustable shoulder strap.
*120 VAC battery charger with 2.1 mm female connector. Eight hour charge time maximun.
*DC break-out cord 1 foot long, allows electric wires to be connected to the battery, with a 2.1 mm female connector & a screw terminal block.
*DC splitter cord, allows 2 units to run from one battery, with one 2.1 mm female connector and two 2.1 mm male connectors, 1 foot long.
*30 foot long DC extension cable with one 2.1 mm female connector and one 2.1 mm male connector.
*Instruction sheet.

6" x 4" x 2.5", 5.5 pounds.
Battery is free of memory effects. Starved Electrolyte battery, AKA Gel-Cell or Lead Acid
*12 Volt DC 7.2 Ampere-hour battery with a standard 2.1 mm male power connector (the same as most AC-DC adapter power supplies).

Individually tested.
12VDC-7A Battery kit with charger, & 3 power cord accessories.
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Starved Electrolyte / Lead Acid Battery Information

Instructions for 12 Volt DC Batteries

1) These rechargeable batteries can be easily maintained for years of use. The most important rule in maximizing your batteries life is to ALWAYS STORE THE BATTERY WITH A FULL CHARGE after any use.

2) Our batteries are rated from 200 to 1000 cycles. The life you get depends on the depth of discharge, proper storage and correct charging. These batteries do not have a memory effect. We use starved electrolyte lead acid base batteries. These batteries do not need to be deep cycled. Regular usage is all that is required to obtain optimal run times. ALWAYS STORE THE BATTERY WITH A FULL CHARGE.

3) Our automatic charger is the best way to charge these batteries. This charger will allow you to correctly charge and maintain the proper voltage of the battery without the possibility of damaging your battery due to improper charging. Using a standard unregulated charger may result in under or over-charging. repeated under-charging or a severe over-charging will result in a shortened battery life.

Using the ATM-PRU Charger:
•When the charger is initially plugged into the wall outlet, the LED indicator will grow solid Green.
           This indicates the charger is on and ready to charge the battery.
•Once the battery is plugged in the LED indicator should turn RED.
           This indicates that the charger is charging the battery.
•If LED doesn't change color this may indicate that the charger is in stand-by mode and NOT charging the battery.

4) All of our batteries are supplied with a cigarette socket connector.

5) All battery models are equipped with an automatic resetting circuit breaker.



WARNING: Avoid over discharging these batteries. Never drain the battery below 9 volts. Most camera equipment will shut down well before this condition occurs. ALWAYS RECHARGE THE BATTERY IMMEDIATELY AFTER USAGE. Chargers used on over discharged batteries can sustain damage from over-heating.

3 MONTH WARRANTY  on this product against any defects in materials and workmanship for 3 months from date of purchase. ALL CLAIMS MUST BE MADE WITHIN THREE MONTHS OF PURCHASE, NO EXCEPTIONS. Bescor assumes no responsibility for/and this warranty shall not cover any incidental and/or consequential damages arising from any defect in this product or in its use. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitation may not apply to you.
Read more about Safety at;   http://www.21best.com/21_best/electronic/security/video/cameras/inspection/for_sale_.html#safely
Please see "Terms and Conditions" of this invoice at www.21best.com/21_bests/how_to/order.html

Universal Lead Acid Smart Charger for 12 VDC 7 AH battery

For your safety
• To prevent damage to this charger or injury to yourself or to others, please read the following operation instruction before using this charger. Keep this operation instruction for your reference when needed.

Operation Instruction
• Connect battery pack to output connector and plug AC power source.
• Charge 12 V Lead-Acid battery only, with a capacity more than 1.5 Ah.
• Make sure battery polarity is connected correctly, Cigarette plug center +
• When using, connect AC power first, then connect the battery;

• Input: 100-240 V ac 50-60 Hz
• Rating output voltage: 13.5 to 13.8 Vdc
3 stage charge mode
Stage 1: charging current: 1.5 + 0.1 A
Stage 2: charging voltage: 14.3 to 14.7 V dc
Stage 3: floating voltage: 13.5 to 13.8Vdc
Cut-off current (stage 2-3): 0.2 + 0.10 A
Charging time:  about 4.0 hours for 4Ah, 8.0 hours for 10Ah.
Max. output power 15 Watts
Ripple and noise: lower than 150 mA
Efficiency: more than 80%
• Protection
1.Over current protection;
2.Over voltage protection;
3.Short circuit protection;
4.Battery Reverse connect protection;
• Led red---charging, Green---finish or standby.
• Hi-pot: input and output: 3000 Vac 1 min,
• Cut-off current < 10 mA
• Operation temperature: 0 to +40°C, 0 to 100°F
• Operation humidity: 20% to 90%
• Storage temperature: -40 to 70°C
• Storage humidity: 10% to 95%

• The charger is designed for indoor use only.
• The charger should be horizontal and in a well ventilated area.
• Avoid wet areas and keep it away from inflammable explosive environments.
• Don't use charger over 40°C, 100°F.
• Don't touch the plug .
• Don't try to disassemble the charger high voltage inside, danger!

Read more about Safety at;   http://www.21best.com/21_best/electronic/security/video/cameras/inspection/for_sale_.html#safely
Please see "Terms and Conditions" of this invoice at www.21best.com/21_bests/how_to/order.html

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Starved Electrolyte / Lead Acid Battery Information

How long they will last and how to prolong longevity:
Our batteries are rated to give 200 to 300 uses when they are fully drained (discharged to 9 volts) each use. When using with lights always remove battery when light has dimmed to yellow. Letting the light drain the battery under 9 volts will shorten the battery's life. If the battery is only used for 50% rated capacity up to 500 uses are possible. In the same way using only 30% capacity can result in up to 1,000 uses. Remember, there is no such thing as memory effect on these cells. Only use them for the time needed - after you're finished recharge them fully and then store away till next use.

Proper charging, care and maintenance:
It is always best to recharge a fully discharged battery as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours). Uncharged batteries will go bad if you wait too long before recharging. A partially discharged battery does not need charging immediately, but if you are going to store it away do so after charging it to full capacity. These batteries (when 100% charged) can be stored up to six months- after which a topping charge is recommended. Always store the battery in a cool, dry location .

Do not overcharge or undercharge batteries:
Constant over- or under- charging will shorten battery life.
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Top 10 list of battery facts.
1. Get a backup battery. With two or more batteries, you can charge one while the other is being used, and when one dies you have another to replace it.
2. Lead acid (gel cells) are great for occasional use, once a week or less. Gel cells are inexpensive, and retain their charge for long periods of time. Gel cells must be recharge after each use or they will chemically degrade and have a shorter life.
3. NiCad batteries are good for frequent and-or continuous use. They can be recharge up to 1000 times. Some can be "quick" charged in about 2 hours. They perform poorly when cold or hot and should be handled gently.
4. Recharge your NiCad batteries the day before you will use them. NiCads lose about 2% of their charge each day they sit on a shelf.
5. NiCad memory may become a problem. NiCad memory can occur when you have used the battery for a short period of time and then recharged it, used it again for a short time, then recharged it, and repeated this process a number of times. Eventually the battery "forgets" its original capacity (perhaps 30 minutes), and now, only operates your camera for a short period of time (perhaps 10 minutes). You may reduce the memory effect by "exercising" them with several cycles of deep discharging and recharging.
6. Invest in a "smart" charger if you use lots of batteries, they will make less mistakes than you will.
7. Rotate your batteries to insure equal use.
8. Lithium batteries recharge quickly and have no memory problems, but they are more expensive.
9. If your gear gets wet, especially in salt water, remove the batteries as fast as you can.
10. Power your lights and camera on separate batteries, they will last longer and will not interact.
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Nickel Metal Hydride General Information
NMH batteries are rated to give 500 to 1,000 cycles in normal use. These batteries can be stored either discharged or charged. If stored fully charged they will self discharge over time. However, storing the batteries in a cool, dry place (refrigerator) will slow down the self-discharge process. It is best to use these batteries at least once every 6 to 9 months. Otherwise, the internal organic materials inside the battery will dry out and the battery's performance will deteriorate. For proper care and maintenance, do not overcharge or undercharge batteries. Constant over or undercharging will shorten battery life. For charging purposes we supply a simple low wattage taper charger. These inexpensive taper chargers provide a slow overnight charge that will maximize your battery's life span. They are very reliable but it is necessary to monitor the battery and disconnect the charger when done. We recommend the use of an inexpensive lamp timer. The timer can be used to turn off the power when the proper charge time has been reached. All brand new battery packs require 3 to 5 charge/discharge cycles to achieve the rated run times.
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