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Portable Camera System with DVR, monitor, battery and accessories

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Portable Video Inspection Camera System with DVR, monitor, battery & accessories.
system case

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Each Portable Video Inspection Camera System
includes one color camera of your choice from this list.
Model #
Click on the camera to
see more information.
Front looking LEDs
Front looking LEDs
Close-up view of Inspection Camera. Notice the 1/4-20 thread mount on rear. The thread size is the same as a standard photographic tripod.
Color 1.21" Diameter 2.25" Long. Goes in tight places & Sees in total darkness. Waterproof and weatherproof.
Front view
COLOR Video Inspection Camera, Submersible, Self-illuminating, Waterproof, Dust-proof.
All portable systems operate from the
Rechargeable 12 VDC battery
or from the
120 VAC power supply.

All portable systems include:
Monitor 7 inch flat panel Color.
DVR, Digital Video Recorder with remote control.
Battery & Charger 12 Volt DC
120 Volt AC power supply and power cord.
The Icam-gooseneck accessory and Icam paint pole adapter
are included only with icam-90, icam-121 and icam-140.

Click to see the manual and pictures.
Flexible Gooseneck accessory for inspection cameras
Extension pole accessory This accessory allows the icam-6 to be used with telescoping poles intended for roller painting
Individually tested.

closed caseBatteryremote control

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Please use all equipment in a safe and sane way.
Please read all the warnings on this web page and on the instruction sheet that comes with your camera.

Inspection cameras are used for;
Heating & A/C (air conditioner) ducts.
Close dryer vents.
Inside walls, under floors, attics, gutters and roof eves for mold and water damage.
Hard to reach locations such as tree limbs for owl and bird nests.
Law enforcement to inspect under cars and trucks, inside shipping containers and trailers.
Law enforcement to inspect under ships and in ships hatches and holes.
Aircraft industries to inspect wings and cavities, (at your own risk).
Used by chimney sweeps to inspect chimneys and flues.
Used by plumbers to inspect water supply tanks, pipes, leach lines, septic tanks and sewers.
Down wells and inside well casing's.
Used to observe and count fish.
Used underwater in sports activities.
Used to document the condition and damage of dams, bridges and monuments.
Used with automatic assembly lines to keep watch of key operations at one control point.
Used with stamping or machining steps to be sure of alignment of key parts.
Used as a navigation aid for boats and ships in troubled waters.
Used under recreational boats to find submerged objects.
Used down gopher holes to look for vermin, snakes and insects.
Steam radiator heat transfer tubes.
Mining operations and boring holes.
Used to inspect many hard to reach locations including the back of your own head, it can help to find skin moles that you would not be able to see in any other way.

It may be useful to attach an inspection camera to a 'plumbers snake' or a garden hose that can be maneuvered to the location you need to inspect.
Inspection cameras are very small TV cameras with headlights.
Attaching the camera one foot behind of the tip of the snake will allow you to view your progress and the tip of the snake will take the brunt of the force banging into obstacles and 90 degree elbows.
The first foot of the snake can be used to help steer your camera in the direction of interest.
The camera will tell you when the snake is going the correct direction at a 'Y' or 'T' joint.

Attaching the camera to the end of a telescoping roller paint pole can help position your camera either up down or sideways.

Let us know if we can help you in any way or if you have ideas or techniques that can help others.
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