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Video matrix switchers for video and stereo audio What is a matrix switcher?
4 in and 4 out Stereo Audio and Video Matrix Switcher
  4 in and 4 out Stereo Audio and Video Matrix Switcher   Free images, manuals, movies and data.
Allows up to 4 Users to watch any of 4 separate sources. Includes: 4 Stereo Audio and Video inputs and 4 outputs with RCA connectors. Hand held Remote control. Remote IR sensor, target. 4 cables. . Read more.
Model # VMS-4x4
Price: $249.00
4 by 4 Digital Stereo Audio and Video Switcher
4 by 4 Digital Stereo Audio and Video Switcher Allows up to 4 Users to watch 4 seperate sources
4x4 Digital Stereo Audio and Video Switcher
Allows up to 4 Users to watch 4 separate sources.
Allows for easy switching between TV, DVD, VCR or Video Games.
Digital Stereo Audio and Video Switcher.
Hand held IR Remote Control
4 Stereo Audio and Video Inputs with RCA connectors.
4 Stereo Audio and Video Outputs with RCA connectors.
Standard Power input 12 Volt DC +/-10% 150 mA.
Video Input: Composite Video 1 Volt 75 Ohm.
Video Output: Composite Video 1 Volt 75 Ohm.
Audio Input: 1 Volt 600 Ohm.
Audio Output: 1 Volt 600 Ohm.

Hand held Remote control.
4 Audio and Video cables.
2 "AAA" batteries.
Remote IR sensor, target.
Owner's manual.
6 Mounting Screws.
Power Voltage, DC 12V
Power consumption, Operation:1.5w.
Video band width 10 MHz.
Audio band width, 20 kHz.
Impedance of video input, 75 OHM.
Impedance of audio input, 8.5 k OHM.
Harmonic distortion, 0.008%.
Operating Conditions 0 to 50 degrees C.
Weight: 3.5 lbs
External dimensions: 11"w,8"d,2"h.
Preparation before operation:
If you install the unit where you can not see it, please insert the Remote Sensor into the remote sensor input and place the remote sensor target any where it can be seen by the remote control.
Open the battery compartment cover, insert two AAA batteries. Paying attention to the polarity diagram in the battery compartment. Do not insert the batteries in the wrong direction.
Audio and video digital processor includes AC adapter power supply 12 Volt DC.

VMS-4x4 4x4 Digital Stereo Audio and Video Switcher 249.00
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8 by 8 Stereo Audio and Video Matrix Switcher
8 by 8 Stereo Audio and Video Matrix Switcher
We are sorry to say this is not in stock and is no longer manufactured.
Click to see the manual and pictures.
8 x 8 Stereo Audio and Video Matrix Switcher.
Send A/V signals from any of the inputs to any (or all) of the outputs.
Matrix can split the audio and video.
Genlock inputs provide steady video.
Connectors; Video BNC, Audio RCA. Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Cost effective solution for home theaters, video production facilities and schools.
Put an end to cable swapping and take control of your audio and video system.
Connect two matrix switchers and control the operation from a PC via the RS-232C port.
Video: Connectors: BNC. 1V PP, 75 ohm. S/N ratio: -60 dB. Crosstalk: -60 dB.
Audio Frequency response: 20 Hz~20 kHz, +/- 3 dB. Crosstalk: -90 dB high impedance. THD: <0.1%.
19" wide, 9.5" deep, 3.5" high.
8 by 8 Stereo Audio and Video Matrix Switcher
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What is a matrix switcher?
A video matrix switcher is an electronic device capable of interconnecting many components in any desired combination. This includes devices like a VCR's input and the same VCR's output. This type of hook up makes it easy to use the same VCR for recording or play back. This switch allows
any one of the inputs to be switched to any one or all of the outputs. Matrix switchers route multiple audio and video sources (input signals) to multiple audio and video destinations (output signals). Input sources include computers, cameras, DVD players, etc. Destinations include projectors, monitors, and computers etc. Matrix switchers route any input to any combination of outputs. Different matrix switchers can route different signals, such as composite video, S-Video, stereo audio and mono audio. Matrix switchers are used in corporate boardrooms, classrooms, restaurants, home theaters, and video conference rooms.

Another definition.
Simultaneous access to multiple sources is what differentiates a matrix switch from a simple switch which would only allow one source to be viewed by multiple zones. A matrix switcher allows multiple users to access signals from multiple source components. This type of switching is ideal for whole-house application. For example, it may be necessary to view the DVD player in the bedroom while, at the same time, viewing the satellite receiver in the home theater. Matrix switchers are perfect for this application, as it allows multiple sources to be accessed by multiple users simultaneously.
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 Applications and hookups
This switcher allows
any one of the inputs
to be switched
to any one or all of the outputs.



Matrix switcher
8 by 8 Stereo Audio and Video Matrix Switcher


The same DVR can be connected to the input
and output on the same matrix switcher.
Input devices
Send signals to
the matrix switcher.
Output devices
Receives signals from the matrix switcher.
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 Simplified matrix switcher diagram
Matrix switcher with 3 video inputs and 2 video outputs.
Three devices with video outputs. Such as VCR's, video cameras, Sat-TV receiver, etc.
video matrix switcher diagram.
Two devices with video inputs. Such as Monitors, DVR's, Televisions, Modulators, etc.
Two rotary selector switches with 3 positions each.2 Video
The above diagram shows a schematic of a simple manual video matrix switcher.
There are 3 video inputs (VCR, camera, satellite TV) and 2 video outputs connected to two TVs. Each TV is associated with a rotary switch within the video matrix switcher. Both switches can select the same input or
different inputs without disturbing any signals. Normally connecting two TVs to the same camera will degrade the video signal to each TV. The video matrix switcher avoids this by using video amplifiers. No signal will degrade by this method even if 15 monitors are all viewing the same source of video. There are more details to this device, but with some working knowledge of the interior it is easy to hook up and use a manual video matrix switcher.
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